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Nowadays torrents are becoming popular day by day. According to researches, the 40% of internet traffic comes from the torrents. Although they are that much but still if you are a beginner and downloaded a torrent file then it can be a little bit difficult for you for the first time.

Now How to use utorrent to download Movies Is a big question for every newcomer in the torrent industry.

But don’t worry us as “proxyofunblock” team wants to you serve every possible information about torrents. So if you are a beginner do read the post till last I am sure that you will never find these easy steps that I mentioned below which will teach you “How to use torrents?” in minutes.

First, let’s understand some basics of torrents so that you will be able to understand further steps easily and quickly.

Quick summary

  • Find a torrent website.
  • Search for the torrent file that you want to download.
  • Download the torrent file or the magnet link of the file.
  • Install a torrent client (BitTorrent, μ torrent)
  • Open the torrent file.
  • Set the download location and uncheck the unwanted files from the torrent.
  • Seed after download.

Basics of Torrents?

Using torrent files you can almost download any type of files from everyone that is sharing it. Torrents files are downloaded in split chunks. Means when you will download any torrent it will complete the whole downloaded files and parts and then automatically it will merge all the parts so you will get your fresh downloaded torrent files.

Now there are two main components of the torrent which plays the main role in the download speed of any torrent file.

Seeders – when you are downloading a torrent file you become a “seeder” and you continue to upload to other peers.

Leechers – If you have disabled the uploading and continues to download only every time then you will be considered as “Leechers”.

Besides the consideration of bad ethics, it can cause you to complete banned by the trackers. So always at least seed as much as you download.

Now coming to the main topic,

How to use Torrents?

Step 1

The most important thing you need to download a torrent file is a BitTorrent client. It manages your torrent download and seeding. Moreover, you can say simply that it is the only way by which you can download your any torrent files. Like you need a browser to download any song on your mobile phones.

There are many BitTorrent clients are available in the market but you need a trusted source like BitTorrent, μ Torrent, and Vuze. So download any BitTorrent client from all of these. I will recommend you μ Torrent which seems to be the best option in the market.


Step 2

Install your downloaded BitTorrent client. Note that they come with many bundled adware and software which you have Deselect manually.

Step 3

Now when you are done with the setup wizard of BitTorrent client open your browser and search for the torrent site.

You can also search for “torrent tracker sites” but I will recommend you to just simply search the torrent sites e.g. 1337x, Extratorrent, pirate bay, or, etc.

Step 4

Now when you found your torrent site where you want to download any torrent file or suppose you want to download any show’s 2nd season 3rd episode than simply type in the search icon “<show name>s02e03 and you will get your results.

Step 5

Now you have to select your files from the list of torrents that you have searched for. You will number of torrent options to download in the list for the same season and same episode. So you will have to choose that which torrent file you want to download.

Now here is some factor that helps to find a better torrent file from the list.

  • Quality – The larger files you will download the better quality you will get.  You will also find the quality of video in the name of torrent files such as 720p, 1080p, 480p, HD, DVD, and many more. Do check the comments to ensure that the quality of the video is good.
  • Number of Seeders – the number of seeders will help your torrent files to download quickly. If the number of Leechers are more than seeders then the download speed of your torrent will be slow. So always select a high seeded torrent file and it also ensures the security of the torrent file.

Step 6

Download the torrent. Once you have selected your torrent file click on the “Download Torrent” button or on the “Magnet link”.

These files are normally sized between 30-50 KB as they don’t contain any content. So you can download it in seconds.

Step 7

If you have chosen the magnet link option than your torrent will open automatically but if you have selected the “download torrent” option then go to your computer where the torrent file is downloaded and open that by double-clicking on it.

Step 8

Now when you will open the downloaded torrent you will see a dialogue box in which you will find various other files with your actual file that you want to download. Don’t worry just uncheck the unwanted files and click on ok.

Step 9

Wait for the download to begin. Your torrent will connect with several seeders automatically to provide you better download speed. You can download multiple torrent files at the same time.

Step 10

Now when your file is done with downloading don’t close the μ Torrent and let the file be seeded. It will help the sharing community. Moreover, you have to seed torrents for some time to ignore the chances of being banned from trackers.

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