Online Torrent Download With ZBIGZ – Cloud Storage For Torrent

Online Torrent Download With ZBIGZ – Cloud Storage For Torrent

Torrent is just like a cryptocurrency field. Both are banned in most of the country because of their disadvantages. But fan following of both is tremendous. Therefore, in many country people use a proxy list, to unblock this torrent sites.

Some of the favorite torrent sites are 1337x, pirate bay, Extratorrent. People know how to use utorrent, they frequently download movies, games, software and adult content using this method. As a number of the users using torrent increasing day by day, many 3rd party application like utorrent,, putdrive launching their cloud downloading service for the torrent. We already covered about Utorrent. And We will try to include all this method as soon as possible, but for now, we only see ZBIGZ.

What is ZBIGZ?

ZBIGZ is online torrent client service which provides you with a way of downloading torrent files online. The speed of downloading of torrent through ZBIGZ is very fast as compare to others. They have very clean, clear and user-friendly user interface which help you to understand all features quickly.

They provide 3 type of service to a different kind of user.

  • Unregistered free plan
  • Registered free plan
  • Registered premium plan

I will suggest registering on a site as it will help you for future reference. Also registered user will get more space to compare to an unregistered user. Also, you are file will be available for 7 days for doing registration. All the plans are listed below.

 Unregistered users
Registered users
Premium users
Upload to Google DriveNoNoYes
Files are cached even if you are not on the siteNoNoYes
Dedicated channels, full caching speedNoNoYes
No adsNoNoYes
Personal accountNoYesYes
Download files despite your ISP's restrictionsYesYesYes
Download resumeYesYesYes
Video & Music streamingYesYesYes
File storage sizeNoMay Be limtedUnlimited*
Your files will be available in your account forNo7 DaysUnlimited
Number of files in storageNo2Unlimited
Download speed150Kps150 KpsUnlimited
Maximum size of files100 MB1 GBUnlimited
Number of simultaneous downloads1-21-2Unlimited

Currently, they charge 9.9 dollars per month for the premium user which is around 720rs in Indian, but they only charge 360RS if you are an Indian citizen. I will suggest buying bitcoin with a credit card as they give 10% discount on Bitcoin payment. I think they are doing this to avoid Paying tax as it not possible to reck bitcoin payment by anyone.

All pricing details are listed below.

How to Download a Torrent using ZBIGZ ?

Downloading torrent from ZBIGZ is very simple. It is upon you; you can create or neglect to create an account on zbigz. I will suggest creating an account on zbigz as they have a free plan also.

With the free plan, you will get 1 GB of free storage. You can keep your file for 7 days. Using free plan, you will get 150kbs speed for downloading. You can download 2 torrent at a time. With a premium plan, there is no restriction on speed, space, number of concurrent downloads etc. So if you are zbigz lover, then you must go for Premium plan.

There is two way of downloading the torrent from Official ZBIGZ Site. You can download the file by uploading a torrent file or pasting magnet link.

The magnet link Download Method:

Open the official website of ZBIGZ. Past the URL of magnet link here. Click on “Go” button.

No, they will ask for account type. ( I will suggest creating an account)

Now after selecting a profile, caching process will start. Once caching process is done you will get download option. Download file using available options.

Download Torrent by uploading a Torrent File

Simple click on file icon near to search box. Upload .torrent file from your computer.

Rest Method is same as for magnet link.

Pros And Cons



  • Fast, smooth and Easy to use
  • Free service is Attractive
  • Bitcoin payment option
  • Search option for the torrent file through the site
  • Refer friends and get the premium feature.
  • Online video and music streaming option



  • Low space for unregistered user
  • Only discount for Indian citizen
  • Name of sites is good for branding.
  • Not popular as utorrent clicnt application

So this is my honest review on ZBIGZ. I don’t know what it means. But they have some fantastic feature which attracted me toward this site. If you want, then you can try for the free plan. Otherwise, I will suggest for the paid plan as they have amazing service.

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Cheers !!

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