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SeedPeer has a quite good reputation in the torrent industry. Formally it was known as Maganova but after that, the developer changed the name to SeedPeer in 2007. One of the best features of the SeedPeer torrent is its verified torrent section. Currently, it is the best torrent source to get verified torrents which are healthy and most importantly virus-free. we have best collection of SeedPeer Proxy list.

The original site came into existence in 2005 as Maganova and then changed the name. Although most of the torrent website contains spam ads with the torrents containing virus and malware SeedPeer is comparatively a better site which provides users a safe platform when downloading a torrent.

In 2006 an anti-piracy group known as MediaDefender attacked SeedPeer by uploading fake torrents to the site. Since then SeedPeer introduced a verified torrents section for a safe torrential environment. This is the main reason behind the popularity of SeedPeer torrent website. There are many torrent websites having a large number of files and torrents in million but for SeedPeer users it is a safe and easy platform to use and download movies, games, shows, software and etc.

If you are SeedPeer fan but now unable to access SeedPeer from some time so let me inform you that the site is inaccessible from its main domain

As the site promotes piracy so SeedPeer is banned in many countries by the order of their local government authorities or by their ISP’s. This is happening with many popular torrent sites, online streaming site and software websites. They are getting banned by the government regularly because of the copyright violation.

So now what to do?

If you are a SeedPeer lover and only want to use its safe environmental site then you can go with other tricks such as VPNs and their proxies. However, using VPN’s and their proxies are not safe as they slow down your computer as well as your network connection.

So the best and smart way to use SeedPeer on blocked location to use SeedPeer proxy or mirror sites.

Here at proxyofunblock, we have provided you with the best and safe proxies and mirror sites of SeedPeer on the top of the post itself. Click on any proxy you will be redirected on the SeedPeer site with not your ID but with our ID. So that you can use the SeedPeer torrent website in the blocked location without been tracked. So it is 100% safe. You can use any proxy. They all are verified.

So I hope this post helped you in order to unblock SeedPeer. If it does then don’t forget to share our page and Bookmark us for the next visit.

Also if you are facing any difficulties in order to access SeedPeer leave the comment below we will surely try to help you.

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Good Luck!! Let use SeedPeer Proxy Torrent.

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