kickass torrent | kickass Proxy Unblock KAT websites easily

kickass torrent | kickass Proxy Unblock KAT websites easily

Have you facing trouble in accessing kickass torrent & searching for Kickass proxy but links are not working?

Instead of entertaining they are irritating you then don’t worry we found a permanent solution for you. Here you will get number of Kickass proxy links which are working 24/7 without being broken.

These kickass torrent proxy will also save you from being tracked by your local ISPs or the government authorities if you will follow the entire procedure that we are going to tell in this post.

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What the heck is Kickass proxy? Brief Introduction of Kickass torrent

kickass torrents

As an “unblockofproxy” team we always try to give you the best proxies to download your favourite torrents.

Kickass torrent formally known as KAT is a website that provides a directory for torrent files and magnet links to use the peer-to-peer file sharing under the BitTorrent protocol.

The site was originally founded in 2008. Till 2014 KickassTorrent became the most visited torrent site in the world, beating the most popular “Pirates Bay” according to Alexa ranking.

The site currently has a global Alexa ranking of 75 and is ranked 29 in India and 98 in the US. Similar Web data shows nearly 400 million sites visits a month with 27% of that traffic coming from the US.

KAT went offline on 20th July 2016 when the domain was taken down by the U.S. Government. The site’s proxy servers were also shut down by its staff at the same time. In December 2016 the former KAT members regrouped and made a new KickassTorrents KAT site with the same old look and features and now the king is back and on the way to beat all the torrents again.

KickassTorrents is the all-time best torrent site available on the web. Here you download your favourite movies, software, TV shows, videos, software, etc. you can find HD movies and download it easily using the Kickass torrents proxies.

Why Kickass proxy are the Best proxies to Use?

Formerly, Kickass torrent have ten million torrents and adding more daily. They offer associate API to transfer all data from their website. All torrents area unit classified into 9 main classes and various subcategories.

A user primarily based voting system at the side of very active user community offer the key advantage to the current website over alternative torrent sites that act even as associate Index.

Other alternatives of Kickass Torrent proxies

Users also can submit requests for brand new torrents and accomplishments of users’ area unit highlighted on the achievement page encouraging additional participation.

The website is additionally obtainable in around 45 Languages creating it simple for non-English readers to access the content.

During the course of 2014 and 2015, the location has changed domain names several times. In November 2014, torrent changed the domain name to However, the domain was banned by the Somalian government and also the website, later on, hopped to for a twenty-four-hour amount.

Following action was taken by the islet of Man domain authorities to withdraw the name, the location enraptured to its current domain of

The site generates revenues from advertising and affiliate marketing, some with corporations that turn out software package designed to cover users of BitTorrent from detection by ISPs and watching corporations.

Random Facts About Kickass Torrents


Kickass torrent says that it confirms with the DMCA & they remove copyright infringement reported torrents by the owner.

Kickass proxy torrents are available in more than 30 languages. It means that you can refer it as a multilanguage torrent platform.

Kat torrent websites has over 1.5 Million users per day throughout the world.

Recently, Kickass has completed 10 years of long successful run in the torrent industry.

What I liked about proxy & other Kat proxy?

  • Kickass Torrent is the google of torrents.
  • You can find latest movies, software, games and many other torrents faster than any other torrent sites.
  • The team has good community and loyalty for the KAT. They have recreated the site in a month only when it was taken down.

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